In our times of waiting, you are near, just as present as you always are. You do not sleep or waver. You do not fret about what you will do with us, how you will use us, or why you created us.

God With Us is on the move. In all seasons—in times of purposelessness and uncertainty, in moments we are wrenched by despair and a lack of direction, we thank you. 

We thank you that these seasons are just that—circumstances in which we have a fresh opportunity to learn for a time.  

We thank you for refining us in our waiting—for the chance it affords us to bare our souls and listen to their innermost desires, shortcomings, and needs.

And we thank you for not leaving us here alone and hopeless in this perpetual state of feeling directionless. 

Remind us that today is holy, that time is a mysterious gift that it is yours for the giving and ours for the stewarding.

Change our perspective so that we will not constantly ask, What am I supposed to do with my life? but instead, How can I be faithful today with what I have been given? Our life is but a collection of small moments. How we spend those moments is how we spend our lives.

When it seems like the work we offer is insignificant, meaningless, and never-ending—give us the courage to faithfully take care of the things you’ve entrusted to us, in the ways that only we have been gifted to do so.

Remind us that showing up day after day is sanctifying.

The life mission to which you have called us is not one grand moment or accomplishment, but rather the daily act of obediently falling at your feet and loving your people. 

May our restlessness be quenched by the gentle truth that since the beginning of time, you have been working through normal people in extraordinary ways to bring about peace on earth.

We thank you for letting us play a role in that narrative, and let us not take it for granted by being ungrateful for the now. 

Nothing that happens today or tomorrow or ever can squelch our souls when it is you our hopes are anchored in. And no event or person or achievement can preserve our souls if we are not grounded in a close companionship with you.

Jesus, be our peace. Lead us to the assurance that today is a gift, not years from now but today. In this hard season, in the waiting, in our doubts of whether we are doing what you have called us to do, remind us that a meaningful life is not a single accomplishment that can be measured, but rather a collection of moments from birth to beyond in which we are striving to bear your beautiful image. 

Not knowing the future is truly a gift because you orchestrate our lives infinitely more beautifully and intricately than how we ever could have planned it. May we be grateful that you do not give us detailed five-year plans with timelines and deadlines and a how-to manual.

No, instead you gave us your Word, your Jesus. To guide us, to lead us, to live the perfect example of being love and of being present. Love took on our sorrow and shortcomings through the cross, but the thirty years before were spent laughing, crying, healing, fellowshipping, walking, teaching, eating, sleeping, obeying, and all the while waiting, waiting, waiting. All the while faithfully obedient.

Because just maybe, it doesn’t particularly matter what we do with our lives, as long as our lives continually serve as a means of bringing you glory and loving the world you created. 

It is you who will do the good work in us and through us. Let us faithfully wait.