My Sister, the Sun

Today I am reflecting. And I am entirely overwhelmed.

The more I write, the more I realize that I can never capture the full beauty of a moment. Some thoughts and places just have this sort of puzzling aura that cannot be described—only felt. I cannot wholly sketch a single, precious memory in the mind of another. Instead, those moments reserve a sacred place in my heart, revealed only to those who shared that beloved fragment in time with me.

It is the same with my sister. I wish that I could describe all of her beauty and complexity to the world. I wish everyone could know her so they might have the privilege to adore and admire her the way that I do. But I do not have the ability to summarize her character with words. Only her Creator can comprehend the beautiful depths of her spirit and know her fully.

My sweet sister is the one to whom I can peel back my pride and reveal my bare soul. She has seen both the good and bad. Even so, her love for me is steady, her loyalty unshaken. 

I leave for college today. What will I do without her constant companionship? I become weary when the thought creeps to my mind. Of all the unknown roads that lie ahead of me, the thing that terrifies me most is knowing that I'll have to tread those paths without her regular company.  I will long for her courage to speak the Truth, even when it cuts deep. I will need her example of rock-solid faith. However, I will cling tight to the memories that we claim as solely ours, and the many ways that she has shaped and molded my spirit.

But still I find peace in knowing that no matter what, she will always be my sister. She'll be a little sibling that I look up to. And she will always be my most treasured friend.

Whether it's exchanging muffled giggles in secret, or sharing boisterous cackles, she brightens all my days. She breathes light into each life she enters, and radiates her joy to each soul she encounters.

My sister is sunshine. I am the moon.

And today I am reflecting.  

Trying to echo the love she has shone on me to a dark world.

And I am forever overwhelmed by my sister: the sun.