Embracing Weakness

The hectic flurry of daily life has taken over, and once again exasperation has crept in, evoking a cry of helplessness from my soul. Though I try to balance it all, I fail miserably. Even the simplest of tasks sap my confidence in my own ability. I'm constantly hounded with reminders of my frailty and inadequacy.

But I’m thankful for these reminders. Because sometimes, chaos is one of the most trying, revealing elements of our spirituality. 


God's ability to transform us becomes evident as He turns our messes into lovely masterpieces. This journey of sanctification begins when we acknowledge our need for help.

Little issues accumulate and overwhelm. Life brings bad news. Others fall short of our expectations, as we fall short of our own. We fail people. 

So we remember to call on Him for strength and comfort and guidance. In our dissatisfaction with ourselves and with others, we are far more sensitive to infinitely satisfying nature of our Father. Through our feelings of uselessness, we see that only in God are we able to accomplish greatness.

But this greatness is not the sort that accompanies our own worldly trophies. Instead, it is the value we see in ourselves because of His willingness to sacrifice everything for our sake. It is the eagerness we possess and the action we take to make Him known to the world.

Quite often, our lives scream, What good could ever sprout from these messes?

But God knows that without the tumultuous twists of nerves and arteries, a body is useless. 

We feel as if our lives are unraveling before our very eyes, like life is just pulling us apart one painful fiber at a time.

But God knows that one end has to unravel before something better can be knit together. 

We only feel the broken and scattered pieces of our hearts. The abandoned and forgotten fragments of shattered relationships.

But God knows that like a stained-glass window, the pieces must be broken and rearranged for the light to reveal a true work of art. 

 It is amazing that our God is so extraordinary that He is able to use us in spite of our countless blunders and weaknesses.

And not only is he able—he is more than willing.

In fact, His strength is made all the more apparent through these weaknesses.

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me " (2 Corinthians 12: 8-9). 

I will not let my failures define me, but I will use them to magnify the power of Christ.

This is why we persevere through the failures and mishaps.

This is why we embrace the beautiful chaos.