A Prayer for Perseverance

Heavenly Father, thank you for speaking to us in our times of waiting.

When we don't know what to do next. 

When we're wary of what lies ahead.

When we feel directionless or even frozen in the uncertainty.

When we’re shaken with angsty hearts.

Lord, forgive us when we doubt your faithfulness. Erase the unspoken fear that You might not be present in our search for direction and meaning and purpose.

When we are drowning in the belief that we have nothing to contribute to the world, to Your grander purpose—remind us how you waited.

How Your Son began His ministry decades into His life on earth.

How Christ did not immediately burst forth from the grave, but instead waited patiently in the cold and lonely tomb.

How He did not return immediately to establish His eternal kingdom, but gave us this hope that we now hold, for a glorious future with Him.

You are so good, Father. We know this to be true because you have shown your lovingkindness to us time and again, even when we fall short. We are so grateful for how you are shaping our hearts through the unknowns.

Let us press into you as you refine us through the grit of the stillness.

May Your Spirit speak magnitudes to us in our restlessness and our obsession with being useful.

Because You do not love us because of our usefulness.

No, you love us because we are Your children, crafted by Your careful hand. And because of this, we are dearly beloved.

We know that You created a sacred purpose for each of us. Even if it takes ages for us to realize that you have been and always will be nudging us along.

Because of the richness and the wholeness of Your great love, we will gladly wait for You, O God.